Stairs at 3 dei Servi

My teaching took me to Firenze in the summer of 2012, and 5 weeks later, I discovered I have taken nearly 4,000 photographs (that's over 100 a day, if you're counting). I have continued to work with these images over the past two years, printing them on various substrates, manipulating them, etc. I am still left with a vast library of images that simply document my time in a very remarkable city. The first image is perhaps the most memorable: the elevator at my apartment building at 3 dei Servi frequently broke down, and I often faced a long climb up these beautiful stairs in extreme heat. These are all digital images, which I have printed at a wide range of sizes on a wide range of papers.

Stairs in the Boboli Gardens

Window near Santo Spirito

San Lorenzo with boy in blue

Plant in a window

Cupid and Psyche with reflections

Angel boys on the Duomo doors

Heavenly beams

Bookstore window with bike